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Vol. 45, No. 5 ................................ May 2018

* Club Meeting *
Tuesday, May 8, 7:00PM
Ponchatoula Community Center

300 N. Fifth St.

Talk-in 147.00 (-600) w/107.2 Tone -- Handicap Access



If you would like to become a member of SELARC, please print out and complete the application/renewal form and return it with your check to: P.O. Box 1324, Hammond LA 70404. Thanks!

Special Events, Hamfests & VE Sessions

LA Special Olympic Games will be held on May 19-20 on the campus of Southeastern Louisiana University; ham radio volunteers will assist with communications for the events. To volunteer, contact Bob Priez This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Delta Division D-Star Day "Triple D+1" Workshop May 5th, 9am to 4pm, at Lafayette Science Museum (433 Jefferson St), sponsored by Acadiana ARA. Info at http://www.icomamerica.com/en/amateur/d-star-day/triple-d-plus-1/default.aspx

VP8STI/VP8SGI trip to South Sandwich and S. Georgia Islands presentation by David Assaf III - W5XU at the June 12th SELARC meeting. -- don't miss this one!

Slidell Hamfest on July 21 at John Slidell Park, 105 Robert Road. Details at http://www.w5sla.net

Shreveport-Bossier City Hamfest on 10-11 August with prizes, flea market and FCC exams! Details athttp://www.shreveporthamfest.com

Greater New Orleans Ham Fest on November 10th, Harahan LA, with prizes and flea market! Details athttps://www.facebook.com/groups/2044282109131267/

Hammond VE Group - ARRL/W5YI tests are scheduled for the last Sunday of each month [with the exception of holiday conflicts] in Room "B" of the North Oaks Medical System Diagnostic Center at 2pm with $15 testing fee. Bring photo ID and any appropriate CSCE. For more information contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or Find an Amateur Radio License Exam in Your Area.

Happy Birthday!!

Birthday wishes in May go to George Swan AE5FK, Roy Holten KG5JSM, John Stout Sr N5JHF and Walter Sarrat N5RYI! If we missed your birthday, please let us know.

Tyke's TidBits --
We made it through April without too much rain, so things are looking up, somewhat!! However, we did get enough rain to put a hiatus on our Special Event Station operations at the Strawberry Festival. May brings us a little dryer weather and also the Louisiana Special Olympics at SLU this month. Please get with Bob Priez, WB5FBS, and sign-up for your favorite operating location for this event. Nothing fancy required - just a good HT and batteries!
June Field Day 2018 is around the corner, so get with Lyle Wales, KD5JRY, and lock in your operating times if you plan to operate. This year's FD will be held at the Ponchatoula Community Center club station. More discussion on this at the club meeting! Hope 2 CU there!!
If you did not get a survey questionniare or lost it, please pick one up at the meeting. SELARC and ARRL membership applications are also on hand at the club station and at all SELARC functions as well as online on atwww.selarc.org. 

Tyrone Burns This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
, President


VE Session Results...
Congratulations to the following new Ham from the April VE session:
General: Gerard Blanchard - Hammond

As always, many thanks to the volunteers who do show up and help with our sessions! Remember, sessions are always on the last Sunday of each month, with exceptions of conflicting holidays and/or impending natual disasters!!! 
Tyrone Burns, VE Liaison This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
House Cleaning in Ponchatoula: HF, VHF, UHF Antennas - Receiving, Sweep and Transmitter TUBES - Amplifier Parts: Meters, Chokes, Transformers, Caps, Coils, Sockets, etc. and Misc. Parts. Two Meter Radios - 70CM Amplifier - Drake L4B Amp "MINT"! Also I'm looking to BUY an HF Amp that has 160 Meters! Call Ed K5AHat 985-265-0895 - I may have what u need?? I will donate 10% of Sales to the Club!

Yaesu G-450a antenna rotator -- will over-rotate 90 deg. past the 360 deg. north indicator. Comes with m metric mounting hardware to fit a Rohn rotor plate, no cable! Connectors are attached plus will include an extra molex style connector for control box. $150.00
Channel Master 3-wire antenna rotator and controller w/infrared remote and some cable - $60.00
Tyrone Burns This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Looking for old radio gear (AM, receivers, tubes, audio or RF amplifiers) -- contact Robert Ramirez This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.(916-761-1542)

New LA ARRL Appointments --

The following LA Section Appointments took effect on April 2nd:

Section Manager- John Mark Robertson, K5JMR
Assistant Section Manager- Michael R. (Mike) McCrary, WB5LJQ
Section Emergency Coordinator- James M.(Jim) Coleman, AI5B
Section Traffic Manager- Jimmy L. Lewis, AB5YS
Technical Specialist- Cedric F. Walker, K5CFW
Local Government Liaison- Jaclyn (Jackie) Price, KA5LMZ in addition to current Emergency Coordinator for Region 4

Congratulations and Thanks to all of them for their service to amateur radio and our communities!

Donation Thanks!! --

THANKS to Clarence Abadie KB5GUW for his donation to SELARC of the Kenwood TS-520 transceiver and dipole antennas to be used at the PCC club station!

Minutes of SELARC Meeting April 10th (SLU University Center)

The meeting was called to order 7:05PM (at the SLU University Center) by President Tyrone Burns N5XES who led in the Pledge of Allegiance, followed by a brief introduction of all present. It was m/s/passed to accept minutes of the March meeting as published in the "Hamster." A monthly financial report was given by Treasurer Carol Redmond KE5GOC, and it was m/s/passed to accept the financial report. A new membership application from Matthew Carl KG5YDV of Amite, LA, was voted on and passed. Tyrone introduced special guests for this evening's meeting:
ARRL LA Section Manager - John Mark Robertson K5JMR, Assistant Section Manager - Michael R. (Mike) McCrary WB5LJQ and LA ARES Section Emergency Coordinator - James M. (Jim) Coleman AI5B.

Attendance (25):Tyrone N5XES, Glen KG5CEN, Judy AA5UZ, John AA5UY, Manny WD5BJR Keith Barnes W5KB, Ed KE5GMN, Pat KE5KMM, Bob WB5FBS, Ernie N5NIB, Carol KE5GOC, Jimmy AG5EJ, Scott KD5PCK, David W5NPV, Lyle KD5JRY, Jim Coleman AI5B, Keith Samrow KF5VLX, Carmen KF5VXO, John Mark Robertson K5JMR, Matt Anderson KD5KNZ, Mike McCrary WB5LJQ, Roger KG5WQI, Russell AB6DS, Ralph K5CAV and Richard KG5DBA.

Committee Reports: Repeater (Tyrone N5XES) - Lambert KG5DDW (absent) has turned in repeater paperwork, documents and keys, but will stay trustee for the club callsign, and Tyrone will assume repeater maintenance responsibilities. The 147.000 and 145.130 repeaters are operational, but the 444.250 repeater still has hum on its receiver. A stockpile of GE parts was donated for maintenane of the UHF repeater.

ARES (Pat KE5KMM) - gave the ARES report mentioning recent weather events, and a reminder encouraging members to monitor the repeaters and check into ARES Monday night nets.


Old Business: (1)Strawberry Festival: Bob WB5FBS circulated a sign-up sheet for the special event station operation. (2) Field Day 2018: Tyrone reported that Lyle KD5JRY will head up preparations for the 2018 Field Day.

New Business: A presentation on the VP8STI/VP8SGI trip to South Sandwich and S. Georgia Islands, by David Assaf III - W5XU is scheduled following the June general meeting. The meeting was turned over to the ARRL and ARES special guests for an informative discussion of past and coming activities of ARRL and ARES. 

Delta Division D-Star Day Workshop "Triple D+1" - Lafayette, LA - May 5, 2018
Special Olympics - 18-20 May 2018 
Slidell HamFest - 21 Jul, 2018 - Slidell
Shreveport-Bossier HamFest - 10-11 Aug, 2018 
N.O. HamFest - 10 Nov, 2018, Harahan

Adjournment: It was m/s/passed to adjourn at 8:40pm. 
submitted by Vice-President Jimmy Hess AG5EJ

Maidenhead Grid EL58hx Activation Memorial Day Weekend 2018
(Venice, LA, USA) Wyatt Dirks, AC0RA, and Clayton Coleman, W5PFG will travel to the mouth of the Mississippi River in far Southeast Louisiana to activate maidenhead gridsquare EL58hx on Memorial Day weekend, 2018. The primary activities will be on the 6m band and OSCAR satellites. This will be Wyatt's first activation of EL58 in Louisiana and Clayton's second. Both operators have conducted multiple, successful portable activations over the years, with Wyatt activating over 200 grid squares and Clayton over 150. Dates, the operating location in the grid, and transportation arrangements are confirmed.
The activation is scheduled to begin after 23:00 UTC on May 25 and will conclude by 20:00 UTC on May 27. All 6m operations will use the callsign AC0RA. All satellite operations will use the callsign W5PFG. HF operation will occur during slower periods on 6m and when there are no satellites in view. Those wishing to confirm HF contacts must do so via ARRL's Logbook of the World (LoTW.) 6m and Satellite confirmations will be available following the expedition on LoTW in addition to paper QSL's accompanied with a Self-Addressed, Stamped Envelope (SASE.)
Further information will be released prior to the expedition. For general inquiries contact Clayton, W5PFG, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. For 6m operational questions contact Wyatt, AC0RA, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


News from ARRL --


==> ARRL to Shine Spotlight on Public Service Communications at Hamvention 2018 - Hamvention 2018 is May 18-20 at the Greene County Fairgrounds and Expo Center in Xenia, Ohio. The largest annual Amateur Radio gathering in the US, this year's event has been sanctioned as the 2018 ARRL Great Lakes Division Convention. The theme for this year's Hamvention is "Amateur Radio...Serving the Community." ARRL has responded in that spirit, and four ARRL-sponsored forums -- to include many guest presenters -- will comprise a Public Service Communications track on Friday and Saturday of Hamvention. The centerpiece of the ARRL's participation at Hamvention is ARRL EXPO 2018, a spacious exhibit area that will be located in Building 2 at the Greene County Fairgrounds and Expo Center. Corey and Bailey have organized an Amateur Radio Public Service exhibit for ARRL EXPO, which will include a small stage and seating so attendees can enjoy 15-minute public-service-themed presentations throughout the convention.
People who attend three or more of the ARRL-sponsored Public Service Communications forums will earn an ARRL certificate in recognition of their commitment to ham radio public service training and development.

==> Galvanic Corrosion - When two dissimilar metals are in contact, corrosion may occur due to differing electrode potentials of the metals. Metals are ranked according to their electrode potentials, the more "negative" of two metals will usually be the one to be corroded, if smaller in area than the more "positive." Radio towers and antennas are usually constructed of metal, and care must be taken when using fasteners, clamps, and hardware to ensure compatibility between metals that are in direct contact. The environment also has a large influence on corrosion -- for example moist versus wet, and fresh versus salt water. ARRL's website has an article on galvanic corrosion that may inform your choices.

==> ARRL Raises Amateur Radio's Profile at 2018 National Association of Broadcasters Convention - Radio amateurs were among some 600 global visitors signing in at ARRL's booth at the 2018 National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) convention in Las Vegas April 7 - 12. Those stopping by hailed from many countries, including Australia, South Korea, Israel, Norway, Canada, England, Ireland, Peru, Brazil, Argentina, Japan, New Zealand, Germany, Belgium, Tanzania, Greenland, the US Virgin Islands, Poland, South Africa, Bulgaria, and Spain. Nevada Section Manager John Bigley, N7UR, who said many visitors never signed the register, managed the booth with the help of volunteers from various Nevada Amateur Radio groups. ARRL Second Vice President Bob Vallio, W6RGG, and East Bay Section Manager-Elect Jim Siemons, AF6PU, were also on hand to assist.
Booth visitors were able to get help with licensing, renewing their ARRL memberships, accessing ARRL services and programs, and locating classes and examination sites. League members also discussed issues important to their personal enjoyment of Amateur Radio. NAB traditionally sponsors an Amateur Radio reception at the annual industry gathering.

==> GR9RW will be the call sign for a Royal Wedding special event operation - To celebrate the marriage of Great Britain's Prince Harry to American actress Meghan Markle, special event call sign GR9RW will be on the air May 19 - 23. It's believed that this will mark the first use of a GR9 call sign prefix in the UK. The royal wedding will take place on May 19 at St. George's Chapel in England's Windsor Castle. Members of the Cray Valley Radio Society (CVRS) will operate GR9RW from their club station in Eltham. GR9RW will primarily use SSB and CW, with the addition of FM on VHF and UHF. Two HF stations and one VHF station will cover all bands from 80 meters to 70 centimeters. A commemorative QSL card is available upon request.

==> FCC Releases Notice of Proposed Rulemaking on Small Satellites - The FCC released a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM) on April 17, seeking comment on proposals to streamline its rules regarding the deployment of "small satellites." This would include small spacecraft put into orbit for Amateur Radio purposes, as well as small satellites launched by non-Amateur Radio entities, such as universities, but using Amateur Radio spectrum. The NPRM primarily addresses satellites launched by the commercial sector, however. Until now, the FCC has not defined spacecraft categorized as "small satellites." An International Telecommunication Union Radiocommunication Sector (ITU-R) report focused on satellites having a mass of less than 10 kilograms with a typical mission duration as less than 3 years and deployed in low-Earth orbit (LEO), which would include most CubeSats. The FCC NPRM aims, in part, to further refine the definition of a small satellite. The FCC has authorized small satellites as commercial operations under Part 25 of its rules, as experimental operations -- including scientific and research missions for purposes of experimentation, product development, and market trials; under Part 5 Experimental FCC rules, and as Amateur Radio satellites under Part 97. In any case, FCC authorization is required prior to launch, and ITU Radio Regulations require that no transmitting station may be established or operated by a private person or by any enterprise without a license by or on behalf of the government of the country to which the station in question is subject. This would include spacecraft built in the US but launched in another country.

==> Logbook of The World (LoTW) now has a full-time status monitor - The system's status is displayed in real time and is available offsite, offering a single spot for all users -- web, Facebook, Twitter, etc. -- to quickly check what's happening with the online repository of contacts and confirmations. At a glance, the LoTW status monitor shows if the system is up, paused, or down; overall uptime statistics, and quick stats. A green status means all systems are go, a red status means the system is down, and a black status means the system has been paused. The monitor indicates overall uptime for the past 24 hours, the past 7 days, and the past 30 days, as well as the most-recent downtime occurrence.

==> Annual Armed Forces Day Crossband Communication Test Set for Saturday, May 12 - The Military Auxiliary Radio System (MARS) will sponsor the traditional military/Amateur Radio communication tests to mark the 67th annual Armed Forces Day (AFD) on Saturday, May 12. Armed Forces Day is May 19, but the AFD Crossband Military-Amateur Radio event traditionally takes place 1 week earlier in order to avoid conflicting with Hamvention. Complete information, including military stations, modes, and frequencies, is available on the US Army MARS website. 
The annual celebration is a unique opportunity to test two-way communication between radio amateurs and military stations (authorized under §97.111 of the Amateur Service rules). It features traditional military-to-amateur crossband SSB voice, CW, practice using legacy interoperability waveforms, and the opportunity for participating hams to utilize more modern military modes, such as MIL-STD Serial PSK and Automatic Link Establishment (ALE). Military stations and Amateur Radio stations are authorized to communicate directly on certain 60-meter interoperability channels. These tests give Amateur Radio operators and shortwave listeners (SWLs) a chance and a challenge to demonstrate individual technical skills in a tightly controlled exercise scenario and to receive recognition from the appropriate military radio station. QSL cards will be available for stations successfully contacting participating military stations. Military stations will transmit (USB, unless otherwise noted on the schedule) on selected military frequencies and will announce the specific amateur frequencies they are monitoring. MARS stressed that frequencies used for the test will not impact any public or private communications and will not stray outside the confines of the exercise. An Armed Forces Day test message will be transmitted utilizing the Military Standard (MIL-STD) Serial PSK waveform (M110) followed by MIL-STD Wide Shift FSK (850 Hz RTTY), as described in MIL-STD 188-110A/B. Technical information regarding these waveforms is available. The AFD test message will also be sent at 0300 UTC in CW. Those who want a QSL should complete the request form on the MARS website.

==> China's DSLWP-A1/A2 Satellites to Transmit Amateur Radio Data from the Moon - China is planning to launch the Chang’e 4 lander and rover which is slated to land on the far side of the moon in December. The lander configuration will use a relay satellite for a control and data link with Earth. Also aboard this flight will be a pair of microsatellites, DSLWP-A1 and DSLWP-A2, which will test low-frequency radio astronomy and space-based interferometry. These two lunar orbiting satellites developed by students at the Harbin Institute of Technology will include educational and amateur radio payloads (but not a trans- ponder). The launch is anticipated for May or June on a CZ-4C vehicle, putting the satellites’ deployment about 6 months ahead of the launch of the Chang’e 4 lander and rover.
[ANS thanks the Harbin Institute of Technology, IARU, and ARRL for the above information]


-- The ARRL Letter and The American Radio Relay League



Stay Radio active -- See you at the May 8th Meeting