SELARC Repeaters     
147.000- WB5NET PL 107.2/A/E 
145.130- WB5NET  PL 107.2  
145.010 WB5NET HMU digipeater 
444.250+ WB5NET  PL107.2 
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The Most Rev. Lee Stephen McColloster, S.S.B. fell asleep in the Lord on April 14, 2019 at the age of 71. He had recently been diagnosed with lung cancer. Born at Hotel Dieu in New  Orleans, Lee was raised in Metairie and graduated from St. Christopher Grammar School. He attended St. Joseph Seminary in St. Benedict, LA and was a graduate of St. Aloysius High School. Lee received his bachelor’s degree from Louisiana State University of New Orleans. He received his law degree from Loyola University School of Law.

During the  Ponchatoula, Louisiana Strawberry Festival of   April 12-14 2019

The SELARC Strawberry Festival Special Event Station - W5S  was active


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Tuesday, Apr. 9, 7:00 PM
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Social at Sarita’s Grill & Cantina
45653 University Park Dr. Hammond, LA 70401
Starting around 5:15PM 

For more information, see the April 2019 meeting page

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